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Brow Vitamin is a treatment in which your hair roots are activated with vitamins using vitamins. This provides extra hair growth.


This treatment is completely harmless and natural and suitable for ladies who have their eyebrows incorrectly epilated, suffered from hair loss due to dyeing or too often applied microblading hair loss to their eyebrows.


How many sessions do I have to do?

We recommend a minimum of 3 sessions with 10 to 14 days apart. The more sessions, the better the result. 3 sessions give 30% hair growth, 6 sessions give 60% hair growth, 9 sessions give 90% hair growth.


For whom or when is this treatment not possible?

  • In people with heart and / or vascular disease

  • If you use blood thinners for a long time

  • Diabetic patients

  • Pregnant women

  • During the first 3 months of breastfeeding

  • For hepatitis patients


Can I combine Brow Vitamin with a PMU treatment?

This treatment is best done at least 4 weeks before you have powderbrows applied or at least 3 months after powderbrows. This can clarify the powder effect. It can also be used in combination with the BB Glow treatment.


Is this treatment painful?

The treatment is palpable to painless.


What do my eyebrows look like after the treatment?

The first 3 to 5 days the eyebrows can form light crusts and look red.


Prices for the Brow Vitamin:

85 euros per session

210 euros for 3 sessions (70 euros per session)

390 euros for 6 sessions (65 euros per session)

540 euros for 9 sessions (60 euros per session)



Aftercare Brow Vitamin:

  • Get vitamin E cream from the pharmacy (without prescription) and lubricate it twice a day during the entire treatment period.

  • Do not use eyebrow makeup for 5 days.

  • Do not touch the eyebrows for 24 hours.

  • No water contact for 24 hours.

  • 1 week not in the sun, under the sunbed, to the sauna or swimming.

  • Do not apply chemical peels or have them applied for 2 weeks.

  • Do not pluck or wax the eyebrows between sessions.

  • No eyebrow dye for 1 week before and 2 weeks after treatment


For more info and bookings, send a whatsapp or sms to the number 0032488512507




Who all are eligible to participate in this competition ?

This competition is open for all. Students and professionals from all walks can participate. A team can have upto 3 participants. Multi-disciplinary teams would be appreciated.

How does the participating team receive their 'Unique Team Code' ?

On completion of the registration process, all the participants will receive the 'Unique Team Code' via email.

Where do the participants need to use their Unique Team Code?

The participants must use their Unique Team Code at the top right corner of their submission sheets, and wherever requested by the organizers.

When will the registration process begin?

The registration process will start from 10th September and will last till 30th September. No teams would be allowed to register post the deadline.

Is it mandatory to take both the sites A and B?

No, it is not necessary to work on both the sites A and B. However, teams willing to work on both the sites will have to register separately for each site. For more information, please refer to the competition brief.

How can I know more about the site and its context?

All the photographs and the contextual information have been provided as a part of the competition resource folder. If you would like to know more about the site, send an email to crpark.reimagine@gmail.com and we will respond to your queries.

Can we add more sheets to our submission?

No. Any violation of the competition rules will result in disqualification.

What are the judging criteria for this competition?

The competition aims to solicit innovative ideas that maybe implementable. Hence, the teams may arrive at solutions which are practical to execute within a short span of time.

Details about the award/reward?

While we revert with specifics through an announcement, the reward will be to see ones design implemented. Best ideas would be published and felicitated by our elected representatives in a public function. Winning individuals or teams would get the opportunity to get involved during implementation.

You can follow the organising team social media pages to receive updates regarding the same.

How will the shortlisting of 20 entries be done from the submitted entries?

20 Entries would be shorlisted by the C.R. Park Stakeholder Committee, where the committee would evaluate if the submitted entries align with the vision for sustainable neighborhood which is also reflected in the DUAC Vision for Chittaranjan Park. (Available at the resource section of the website)

If we wish to submit both proposals for both site A and B, do we need to register and pay separately for both? If yes, can an amount of 1000 Rs be paid in one 1 transaction to the specified bank account?

If you wish to submit proposals for both site A and B, register seperately. You need to pay seperately for each registration.

Do we have to be present during the community voting event ?

It is not necessary for the participant to be present during the community voting.

Hello, I am a student who wish to take part in the competition but I am unable to find the 'payee' name and details.

Payee/Beneficiary Name will be- "Trust for regeneration of Indian Settlements"

I am unable to understand the site' A 'mentioned in brief. Please clarify the doubt.

To know more about Site A, see the resource folder and the google mymap link, both provided here on the website. The mymap includes site locations, images, and list of issues for each site and its parts.

Will I be getting floor plans and interior photographs for the MCD Public Toilet Block?

Whatever data is available shall be provided. Floor plans of toilet and its interiors is not required for the competition and hence not available. Incase, you have access to other sources of information, you can access them too.

Do the drawings provided on registration include elevations?

No, the drawings provided have no elevations.

Can we give landscaping ideas in Netaji Subhash Park? Will it still be considered a temporary intervention?

Yes. These can be either temporary or permanent based on your proposals.

Can we make changes in the arrangement/planning of the fish market (in the case of both market 1 and 2) if the amount of space they cover as well as the zone remains the same?

You cannot reorganise the platforms/ spaces of the fish vendors, as they have ownership rights over them. You can design the floor, platform edges, roofs and services in the fish market.

As pavement is an issue in both permanent (plaza pavement) and temporary interventions (footpath pavement). So are you considering it permanent or temporary?

B.C. Pal (i.e. the main road connecting Market 1 and 2) has been proposed for street improvement by GNCTD and shall be implemented soon. Pavements shall be available on either sides. Pavements in and around the market shall be refered as market plazas and both types of intervensions are possible. For example, redesigning lighting and street furniture will be considered permanent, while pavement, street or wall arts and tactical interventions shall be considered as temporary.

If the lead person is same can the other teammates be different if we register for site A and Site B?

Yes, its allowed. However, at any point of time, if any member of any of the two teams complain about unfair team composition, both the teams will be disqualified.

We have enrolled for the competition and need the following details: surrounding analysis, buildings, levels, utility lines, tension lines, services layout, dimensions of the footpath, boundary wall, width of market and surrounding.

All data available has been provided in the resource folder. This being the ideas competition, these details may not be required at this stage. However, if you feel the need of this information, you may collect it on site or from other sources.

This is regarding the MARKET 2 part of Site B-
1. As per survey drawing, the existing wall is slightly curved. Can it be made parallel to the building profile of the shops by demolishing a part of it and reconstructing it?
2. Can we make minor changes in the placement of light posts? ( i.e. Shifting them within 1m radius )

The competition does not restrict you from providing any design ideas. You are welcome to provide any design idea which is implementable. As for the two questions you have raised, since these are related to design solutions, we will not be able to answer them and you are requested to make a conscious design decisions based on the conditions of the competition brief.

1. Regarding the market place for site 2, are we supposed to redesign the various temporary & permanent spaces as per marked in the google map? Means excluding the building block ?
2. Are we supposed to give rough estimate of cost and time needed, for the whole proposal or site basis, ex- site A, B or C likewise ?

1. The competition does not restrict you from providing any design ideas. You are welcome to provide any design idea which is implementable.

2. Detailed Cost estimates are not required for the competition but a ball-park estimate is required.

I was wondering if I could register again for the other site as well so that we can work on both the sites? And also, can the names of team members be changed after the registration?

1. Yes. you can register seperately for both the sites.
2. The names of the team member can't be changed after the final date of the registration (30.09.2020)


Contact details:



Lage Kaart 54, 2930 Brasschaat, Antwerpen (BE)

Hofstraat 22H, 3530 Houthalen, Limburg (BE)


DMTBEAUTY +32488512507 (only accessible via sms or whatsapp)

DMTSLIMLINE +32499226842 (only accessible via sms or whatsapp)

Contact details:



Lage Kaart 54, 2930 Brasschaat, Antwerpen (BE)

Hofstraat 22H, 3530 Houthalen, Limburg (BE)


DMTBEAUTY +32488512507 (only accessible via sms or whatsapp)

DMTSLIMLINE +32499226842 (only accessible via sms or whatsapp)